About Us

Anna Lotan Ltd., a pioneer in professional skin care has a presence in more than 48 countries worldwide.

With more than 3 decades of experience in educating aestheticians, we offer specific treatment protocols for various skin conditions on the basis of original and innovative products developed in house.

The products and services offered by Anna Lotan are inspired by: Skin physiology – resulting in Bio-Mimetic formulations. Natural active ingredients derived from herbs and minerals. Special focus on Carriers based on modern technology to optimize skin care results.

As a result, an “Anna Lotan Style” emerged characterised by: Uncompromised Functionality that enables the professionals to optimize their selection of products for each skin condition. Gentle formulations targeted to provide a sensation of comfort for the user. Consideration of the environment.

The products are exclusively distributed by skin care professionals worldwide. The range of over 300 formulations includes active treatment products for use in the salon as well as supplementary retail products carefully selected for home care of each customer on the basis of a “face to face” diagnosis.