About Us

Anna Lotan PRO, is a recently developed professional skin care range offered exclusively to licensed estheticians who serve their customers on a “Face to Face” basis ONLY (rather than “online” shops.)

The Anna Lotan Pro range is focused on solving chronic skin discomforts with mild, herbal remedies as an alternative for medications that are often associated with side effects.

The optimized minimum of care products will be selected for each customer in accordance with their professional diagnosis! Trial sizes are available for all products of Anna Lotan PRO for the benefit of customers and professionals.

The products and services offered by Anna Lotan are inspired by:

  • Skin physiology – resulting in Bio-Mimetic formulations.
  • Natural active ingredients derived from herbs and minerals.
  • Special focus on carriers based on modern technology to optimize care results.

“The Anna Lotan Style” is characterized by:

  • Uncompromised Functionality that enables the professionals to optimize their selection.
  • Gentle formulations targeted to provide a sensation of comfort for the user.
  • Consideration of the environment.