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Cocoliva – Luscious Dry Skin Butter

[slidedesc]Code: 037P; 75 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 037P Dry Skin Volume: 75 ml A natural skin butter formulation designed to soften and protect dry skin. Download Brochure An all-vegetable composition with a gentle “mascarpone” texture prepared from organic, cold pressed Coconut oil in [...]

Moisturizing Under Makeup Primer

[slidedesc]Code: 061P; 100 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 061P All Skin Types Volume: 100 ml A rich moisturizing makeup base, designed to improve the glide of tinted formulations for a smoother appearance. Download Brochure Designed to relieve the drying after-feel often associated with [...]

Micellar Rose Water

[slidedesc]Code: 109P; 240 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 109P All Skin Types Volume: 240 ml Micellar water seems like plain water, but when being touched, a slippery texture and di erent surface tension is noticeable. It results from tiny suspended spheres of “cleansing oil micelles”, that are [...]

Jerusalem Balsam

[slidedesc]Code: 102P; 50 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 102P All Skin Types Volume: 50 ml A delicate, easily absorbed lotion designed to enhance the skin’s barrier function. Download Brochure The formulation is enriched with a wealth of herbal extracts and skin purifying  resins [...]

Bio Peptide Leave-On Eye Contour Mask

[slidedesc]Code: 188P; 50 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 188P All Skin Types (excl. Oily / Problem Skin) Volume: 50 ml An intensive eye care treatment designed to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines while also reducing the typical morning puffiness. Download [...]

Copper Peel Off Mask

[slidedesc]Code: 072P; 75 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 072P All Skin Types Volume: 75 ml A peel off treatment mask that provides mild and effective exfoliating supported by unique soothing components. Download Brochure The slow drying time of the mask (15-20 minutes) exposes [...]

A Touch Of Gold Beauty Mask

[slidedesc]Code: 100P; 75 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 100P All Skin Types (excl. Oily / Problem Skin) Volume: 75 ml A luxurious care mask gently pampers delicate face and neck leaving a firming effect with a sensation of comfortable relaxation. May be used as a rinse [...]

C White Night Cream

[slidedesc]Code: 193P; 50 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 193P Skin Whitening Volume: 50 ml A skin brightening night cream enriched with active ingredients that inhibit melanin formation to gradually enhance skin brightening. Download Brochure A skin brightening night cream enriched with potent oil [...]

Morning Dew 24

[slidedesc]Code: 081P; 75 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 081P Normal, Dry, Fragile Skin; Skin Whitening Volume: 75 ml A rich hydrating cream that quenches the skin with moisture upon application. Serves as a daily Moisturizer for all skin types. Download Brochure The formula [...]

Absolute Perfection Eye Makeup Remover

[slidedesc]Code: 058P; 100 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 058P All Skin Types Volume: 100 ml This liquid lipogel effectively dissolves makeup residues and is rinsed off with water leaving no greasy after feel. Download Brochure Just a few drops of this concentrated makeup [...]