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Quillaja Papaya Enzymatic Cleansing Powder

[slidedesc]Code: 136P; 50 gr[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 136P All Skin Types (excl. Dry & Fragile Skin) Volume: 50 gr This powder has excellent cleansing properties, is environmentally friendly and is well-tolerated by delicate skin types. Download Brochure This concentrated facial cleansing powder [...]

Bilberry Peel 16%

[slidedesc]Code: 043PF; 325 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 043PF All Skin Types (excl. Fragile Skin) Volume: 325 ml An active exfoliating cream mask for salon use to enhance skin renewal. The formula contains the maximal AHA concentration allowed but may be used modular fashion to adapt [...]

Lacto – Cranberry Peel 16%

[slidedesc]Code: 093S; 240 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 093S All Skin Types (excl. Fragile Skin) Volume: 240 ml A concentrated fluid peel based on the exfoliating properties of Lactic and Glycolic acids (AHAs) at the maximal allowed concentration (16%) for professional use. The formula [...]

Caviar Mask

[slidedesc]Code: 120P; 8x4 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 120P All Skin Types Volume: 8x4 ml A luxurious facial care mask designed to be freshly prepared by an esthetician during treatment. Excellent as a weekly firming care for normal to dry skin. Download Brochure [...]

Pro-Light Brightening Concentrate

[slidedesc]Code: 397P; 8x4 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 397P Hyperpigmentation Volume: 8x4 ml A concentrated active supplement for enhancing the brightening effect during professional lightening treatments. Contains an active complex that combines components with different modes of action to achieve the desired effect: Lactic [...]

HA Intense

[slidedesc]Code: 393P; 8x4 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 393P All Skin Types Volume: 8x4 ml A concentrated Hyaluronic Acid replenishing serum designed to quench the skin with intensive moisture. The bio-mimetic composition includes essential moisturizing components that are naturally present in the skin but are [...]

Propical Intense

[slidedesc]Code: 392P; 8x4 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 392P Oily / Problem Skin Volume: 8x4 ml A concentrated botanical supplement for locally treating blemishes of oily/ problem skin. Based on the purifying activity of SEPICONTROL – a patented molecule that improves the hygienic conditions [...]

Peel-Off Seaweed Mask

[slidedesc]Code: 608S; 500 gr[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 608S All Skin Types Volume: 500 gr A soothing, easily peeled seaweed mask, for use OVER the treatment mask selected for a specific skin type. Composed of slow setting seaweed powder to allow comfortable mixing and [...]

Emblica C

[slidedesc]Code: 398P; 70 gr[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 398P All Skin Types Volume: 70 gr A concentrated active powder designed to extend the shelf life of actives naturally prone to rapid oxidation (when supplied in solutions). Contains Vitamin B3 Vitamin C and Emblica powder [...]

Green Tea Hydration Powder

[slidedesc]Code: 002P; 42 gr[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 002P All Skin Types Volume: 42 gr A preservative-free powder that can be instantly prepared into an active, natural herbal gel to prepare the skin for deep pore cleansing. Hydrates the skin prior to deep cleansing [...]