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HA Hydration Gel

[slidedesc]Code: 375S; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 375S All Skin Types Volume: 500 ml An intensive, quenching gel formulated with natural ingredients. The gel can be used as a hydrating mask to either soothe the skin or to prepare it for various cosmetic treatments. [...]

Soft Ice

[slidedesc]Code: 772S; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 772S All Skin Types Volume: 500 ml A rapid acting soothing gel that gives a continuous cooling sensation which gradually increases after application. The cooling process helps in soothing reddened skin and is therefore suitable for [...]

Hair Conditioner

[slidedesc]Code: 718P; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 718P All Skin Types Volume: 500 ml A softening rinse off conditioning cream designed for improving hair texture. Enriched with extracts of Mediterranean herbs that offer care and repair: Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage, Horsetail, Nettle, Balm and [...]

Sebamild Purifying Shampoo

[slidedesc]Code: 389P; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 389P All Skin Types Volume: 500 ml A mild, SLS and Zinc Pyrithione free formula, designed to cleanse the scalp and minimize dandruff. The formula combines the hygienic properties of an Undecylenic Acid derivative with the [...]

Scalp Elixir

[slidedesc]Code: 366P; 120 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 366P All Skin Types Volume: 120 ml A light, easily absorbed cream gel that will soothe the scalp after every deep cleanse, effectively calming scalp redness. Scalp Elixir provides an immediate cooling sensation relieving scalp discomfort, [...]

Soothing Coneflower Gel

[slidedesc]Code: 089P; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 089P All Skin Types Volume: 500 ml A concentrated extract of Echinacea Purpurea, in a mild gel carrier, serving as a soothing mask or fast topical relief for discomfort of any skin type. Echinacea Purpurea acts [...]

Green Deo Stick

[slidedesc]Code: 374T; 30 gr[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 374T All Skin Types Volume: 30 gr A gentle yet effective deodorant stick for all skin types, designed for daily use. Does not clog the pores allowing the natural perspiration to flow without interference. Acts to [...]

Pampering Body Butter

[slidedesc]Code: 376P; 200 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 376P All Skin Types (excl. Oily / Problem Skin) Volume: 200 ml This rich body butter is designed to restore the skins natural protective layer and protect it from over-drying. The buttery texture gently melts into [...]

Bio Body Cream

[slidedesc]Code: 628P; 500 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 628P All Skin Types (Oily / Problem Skin) Volume: 500 ml A soft body enrichment cream that spreads easily on the skin and protects it from dryness. Contains oils and phytosterols, from soy for enriching the [...]

Hand Care

[slidedesc]Code: 381P; 70 ml[/slidedesc] Best for: Code: 381P All Skin Types Volume: 70 ml A concentrated hand cream designed to eliminate cracks, dryness and maintain optimal skin softness forming a fine protective layer on the skin. Urea and the mineral rich extract of [...]