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PeelSalina Enzymatic Massage Peel

PeelSalina Enzymatic Massage Peel


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A mild, yet concentrated massage peel designed to enhance dead cell removal from delicate skin (or as a final touch following active skin polishing). Formulated with sustainable herbal ingredients it offers the mildest possible exfoliating treatment suitable for gentle skin types as a means for removing dry, scaly layers of dead cells that tend to accumulate on the skin or scalp.

Most suitable for:

  • Sun damaged skin the requires moderate and gradual renewal.
  • For softening and removing roughness of dehydrated skin.
  • For exfoliating sensitive skin that does not tolerate acid based exfoliation.

The formula is enriched with intensive moisturizing components such as: Hylauronic Acid, hygdoscopic Mineral Water from the Dead Sea and Sugars from dates that survive in dry environments that are known as moisture retention enhancers. A wealth of valuable lipid components that replenish the skin and restore its barrier function while enabling a continuous smoothing massage which is especially beneficial for dry, mature skin. Vitamin E and A derivatives act as antioxidants providing free radical protection against oxidative stress.