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Absolute Perfection Eye Makeup Remover

Absolute Perfection Eye Makeup Remover


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This liquid lipogel effectively dissolves makeup residues and is rinsed off with water leaving no greasy after feel.

  • Just a few drops of this concentrated makeup remover will gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse your facial makeup (including waterproof makeup).
  • A premium quality, solvent free Gromwell Root (Lithospermum) CO2 extract, known for its skin calming effect, provides the natural red hue.
  • Bulgarian Rose Oil contributes the exclusive floral scent
  • Vitamin E and Dunaliella Salina Extract act as antioxidants
  • Golden Jojoba Seed Oil further enriches the formula.
  • Grape Stem Cells (Solar Vitis) enhance the skin’s resilience around the delicate eye contour area.
  • This formulation is preservative free.