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Pastis Astringent Mud Mask

Pastis Astringent Mud Mask


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This herbal based clay mask is designed to absorb excess sebum from the skin’s surface leaving the skin after rinsing exceptionally smooth and clean.

  • The mask is enriched with a wealth of Mediterranean active ingredients:
  • Clay – ideal for absorbing sebum residues.
  • Aromatic Resins – (Myrrh, Frankincense and P. Lenticus) supported by Propolis Tincture to enhance hygienic conditions.
  • A skin toning Mineral Complex includes: Dead Sea mineral water; Knotgrass and Equisetum extracts rich in silicic minerals.
  • Skin soothing herbal extracts of Aloe, Balm, Nettle, chamomile and Sage.
  • Jojoba seed wax – softens the skin and prevents over-drying;
  • Antioxidants from Green Tea and Rosemary leaves to minimize free radical damage.
  • Essential oil of Sweet Fennel – gives the refreshing scent to this instant drying mask.