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Carrotinol Peeling

Carrotinol Peeling


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A concentrated penetration enhancing lIpogel, which effectively exfoliates dead cells from epidermal layers.

Based on bio-mimetic components with optimal skin tolerance:

 Lipid components:

  • Glycosphingolipids, Phospholipids, and Cholesterol, in addition to Soy Phyto-Sterols contribute to maintaining the skin’s barrier function.
  • High Quality vegetable seed oils including Carotene rich Carrot oil, Peruvian Sacha Inci (Plukenetia Volubilis) oil rich in Omega 3 and Moringa seed oil known for its protective effect on the skin.
  • The oily extract of saline seaweed Dunaliella Salina acts as a natural antioxidant protecting the polyunsaturated oils in the formula.
  • A patented combination of the aminoacid Proline with a Palm oil derivative is easily absorbed into the skin increasing epidermal moisture absorption resulting in less apparent fine lines.

 Water soluble components:

  • A premium quality freeze dried extract of Aloe Vera leaf juice (Acemannan) contributes the natural Polysaccharides for improved skin hydration.
  • HA (Hyaluronic Acid) glycosaminoglycans act together with bee honey as the moisturizing (hygroscopic) in support of the skin matrix.
  • Dead Sea water that mimic the mineral moisturizing complex naturally present in the skin.

Carrotinol demonstrates remarkable results even after a single use. Every skin type will enjoy a balancing improvement for their individual skin condition:

Oily impure skin (post acne) skin: will gain a silky smooth texture, reduced oiliness for days following treatment; Skin will have a lighter appearance. Typical redness around blemishes – less apparent.

Mature, sun-damaged skin: appears silky smooth; with improved elasticity; Visible solar damaged areas may appear lighter or even disappear.

The massage with Carrotinol does not cause irritation or redness; The skin becomes softer and better hydrated. Dry flakiness is significantly reduced!