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Exfosil Ruby Peel

Exfosil Ruby Peel


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A professional peeling intended to promote skin renewal by exfoliating dead cells while polishing and smoothing the horny layer.

  • The intensity of the peeling obtained by Exfosil Ruby may be easily adapted to individual skin type and condition by determining the duration of the treatment.
  • All components in Exfosil Ruby are naturally derived.
  • The natural abrasive particles are ruby crystals, aqueous sponges and silica.
  • Natural oils of Jojoba, Squalane and Triglycerides act as skin protective emollients and penetration enhancers.
  • CO2 extracts of Lithospermum Root, Calendula Flower extract and Tapioca Starch calm the skin during treatment.
  • Dunaliella extract combined with Ester Vitamin C act as antioxidants preserving the quality of the natural oils and extracts.
  • Essential oil of Siberian Fir contributes its natural fresh scent.