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First of All Quenching Serum

First of All Quenching Serum


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A moisturizing primer designed to replenish the skin with a wealth of hydrating components.

  • First of All acts as an effective upgrade for any care product applied on top.
  • As a Bio-Mimetic serum, it offers components that resemble the composition of the skins own NMF such as: Polysaccharides, Minerals, Urea, Lactic Acid and its salt, (Marine) Collagen and Amino-acids.
  • Oil soluble vitamins (E & A) which act as antioxidants are encapsulated for controlled release.  The capsules will readily dissolve during application.
  • First of All makes your skin feel comfortable – immediately and it is especially soothing after over exposure to the elements.
  • Ideal for use on its own during the long summer months, or under your favorite care products all year round – especially if your skin is dry.