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Moringol Moringa Oil Supplement

Moringol Moringa Oil Supplement


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An oil-based care supplement designed to suit the needs of dry and mature skin. Softens the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable and cared for.

  • Moringa seed oil serves as the base for this supplement and is rich with nutrients that are highly suitable for the care of dry skin.
  • A bio-mimetic lipid composition with components that replenish the protective lipid layer (Phytosterols and Squalane) which may be depleted with age.
  • Contains concentrated, premium quality CO2 extracts of Turmeric root, Marigold flowers, Siberian Seabuckthorn berries and Gromwell root for additional support to the skin as they protect and sooth due to their high oil soluble vitamins content and other vital constituents.
  • The formula includes the potent antioxidant Ester vitamin C that also protects the natural ingredients in the product.
  • Fragrance and preservative free!
  • A single drop goes a long way! Suitable for daily use.
  • Improves skin complexion, giving it a healthy, elegant look.