Anna Lotan Pro

Herbal Treatment Coverup

Herbal Treatment Coverup


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Narural #1
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A treatment makeup foundation designed to provide excellent coverage for blemishes and imperfections typical of oily, problem skin, leaving a smooth and even skin tone.

  • The light non oily formula gives the skin a natural appearance, instantly concealing redness.
  • Quickly absorbed, this homogenous, suspension like, formula will continue to absorb excess moisture that may lead to new breakouts.
  • Premium CO2 extracts of Tree Moss, Rosemary and Sage improve hygienic conditions on the skin surface.
  • Well balanced formula enriched with natural polysaccharides (from Mannan Root and Aloe Vera leaf juice) to provide a sensation of comfort and prevent over-drying.
  • Green Tea and Rosemary provide antioxidant activity to prevent free radical damage.
  • Leaves a calm looking matte appearance that stays for hours!