Cooling Peel-Off Seaweed Mask


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A soothing, easily peeled seaweed mask, for use OVER the treatment mask selected for a specific skin type.

  • Composed of slow setting seaweed powder to allow comfortable mixing and application over face & neck.
  • Although it forms a thick, continuous film, this mask is non-occlusive as it exerts a cooling (rather than a warming) effect.
  • May be applied over any treatment mask or cream and is therefore suitable for all skin types.
  • If applied over a thin gauze facial mask – it may be easily removed in one piece.
  • Ideal as a summer treatment especially due to its marked cooling effect.


Solum Diatomeae, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Plantago Ovata (Plantain) Seed Extract, Laminaria Digitata Powder, Parfum (Frgarance), CI 47005, CI 73015.

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