Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Gel


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A multi-functional treatment gel that combines Mandelic and Lactic Acids with a blend of melanin inhibitors to enhance skin lightening. The gel is designated as a daily booster for a skin brightening treatment procedure.

  • Extracts that are known for their clarifying effect on the skin are: Bearberry leaves; Mulberry and licorice roots in addition to Kojic Acid and Niacinamide (Vitamin 3B).
  • Lactic and Mandelic acids gently exfoliate the skin ridding it from sun damaged dead cells while enhancing skin renewal.
  • In spite of the acidic pH of 3.5-3.8 the gel does not cause discomfort or any tingling sensation during use, due to the presence of effective skin soothing ingredients as calming components such as Allantoin and a unique blend of the amino-acid aspartate with magnesium and potassium salts. This blend is known to increase the skin's resilience to various forms of stress.
  • Moisturizing ingredients such as Sodium PCA and Dead Sea minerals improve the skin's moisture retention leaving it exceptionally smooth after rinsing.


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