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Pro-Light Brightening Concentrate Ampoule

Pro-Light Brightening Concentrate Ampoule


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A concentrated active supplement for enhancing the brightening effect during professional lightening treatments.

  • Contains an active complex that combines components with different modes of action to achieve the desired effect: Lactic acid to remove UV damaged dead skin cells; Kojic acid and Bearberry leaves, known for their melanin inhibition; a turmeric derivative that acts as a key antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory extract of Mulberry root to maximize the brightening effect.
  • Skin soothing ingredients (Licorice, Honeysuckle and Allantoin) to prevent irritations that may lead to pigmentation.
  • Antioxidants for combating free radical damages to the skin which may result in hyperpigmentation: Green Tea extract and a turmeric (curcuma longa) derivative.
  • Betaine and Chitosan provide a fine protective film, improving the concentrate’s adherence to the skin.

8 Ampoules per set