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Seba-Flow Mild & Deep Cleanser

Seba-Flow Mild & Deep Cleanser


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A concentrated, yet delicate, non-foaming gel designed to deep cleanse the skin by dissolving dried sebum residues in the pores.

  • Clogged pores are the main cause for oily skin problems. Allowing sebum to flow freely onto the skin’s surface is fundamental to improving oily skin condition and minimizing the formation of pimples.
  • The deep penetration and solubilisation of sebum residues in the pores is achieved by using the mildest emollients.
  • The natural composition of this lipogel is well tolerated by oily and even delicate combination skin.  
  • Salicylic Acid (BHA) contributes a vital exfoliating property to ridding oily problem skin of the dead cells that tend to accumulate on the skins surface.

When rinsed after use – the Salicylic acid in this lipogel dissolves and purifies the skin before drying for leaving improved hygienic conditions on the surface – following use.